• Looking into service dog breeds for The Kid. To my surprise, poodles seem a decent choice: smart, relatively long-lived, surprisingly easy to keep clean.

    None of this will please the cats.

  • I have to go to a wedding this weekend, which is stressful because I don’t think I’ve worn makeup in more than 5 years and I no longer know what I’m doing.

  • I like this stage of drafting, when everything is new and perfection still seems possible. I let my characters meander a little, and they tell me about themselves, and we work together to build the shape of the narrative.

  • My NaNo book started life as SF horror, but has morphed into much more traditional alien-infused SF. It still has horror elements, but I don’t think I’ll be able to pitch it like that. (Yeah, yeah - I have to finish it first, which should easily take me into 2024, but thinking about pitches makes for good procrastination.)

  • My kid went to the Boston Museum of Science yesterday, and reports it’s pretty much all aimed at little kids now. If true, this is a shame - I spent many wonderful hours at the MoS, at all stages of my life. There was something fundamentally soothing about it. I don’t think I ever relax like that anymore.

  • Also spent time blurting out the Big Amorphous Blob of a plot I have right now. :) But I know some of the big emotional beats, and I know the ending. The rest is just getting it down.

  • Long convo with Spouse over lunch about what I want for my next book. (Not that one, the one I was supposed to have finished by now. The other one. The new one that I’m trying to write while revising the supposed-to-have-finished one.)

  • Drawing

    I am not a visual artist by profession, but I do enjoy drawing - up to a point. I get frustrated and impatient, which are two things that don’t work well with art. I’m working digitally now because there’s both less prep and less cleanup, but there are things I miss about physical media.

  • Been gone from here for a while, so I offer you a ProCreate drawing of a cat (from a photograph):

  • Every other living creature in my house is asleep.

  • This afternoon I made a cheesecake and a loaf of bread at the same time.

    I’ve realize the main thing that keeps me off shows like Bake-Off - apart from talent, skill, and desire - is endurance. Ow, my back.

    Cheesecake smells nice though.

    (I don’t know how to tag anything here, but: cooking!)

  • I just realized my kid’s HS graduation is two weeks after her 18th birthday, and as the world’s worst gift giver I am now incredibly stressed.

  • The world is a Thing, and yet there are practicalities that need to be dealt with that don’t go away in the flood of existential angst.

    Also one of my cats is staring at me and I don’t know why.

  • Still working out discoverability in this place.

  • Okay this revision is now 7,000 words longer than it was when I started.

    Pretty sure that’s not how this is supposed to work.

  • It’s always fun learning new things and my presence here has nothing at all to do with procrastinating on my revisions.



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